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Long at the fair

Title: Long at the fair
Author: fawsley
Character: Young Boromir
Rating: G
Warnings: none (though stickiness ensues)
Book/Source: LoTR AU
Disclaimer: Characters always and ever the property of Prof. Tolkien.
Note: written for the tolkien_weekly 'a change of heart' drabble challenge

Long at the fair

For years he had yearned to visit the fair alone. Now, at last, permission had been granted - he could wander at will, lord of his own afternoon.

‘Look!’ he cried at the monkey dancing to pipe and drum.
But there was nobody with him to look.

‘I could do that!’ he bragged at the troupe of tumbling dwarves.
But there was nobody to impress.

‘Gingerbread!’ he sighed ‘Your favourite!’
But there was nobody to be bought a treat.

Later, his little brother’s jealousy assuaged by biscuits, sugar mice and balloons, Boromir promised that tomorrow they would visit the fair together.

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