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Mod Post: Archives

I know I haven't been around very much recently, and haven't had time/been in the mindset to read anyone's drabbles for the past few weeks, but, just in case you thought I was being remiss in my moderatorly duties, I'm pleased to say that I've worked flat out over the past couple of days to finally get the archives up to date. Every drabble from the beginning of the community up to 31/8/06 is now archived.

For ease of browsing, all drabbles in the archive are categorised by author, challenge and character(s). The five tag limit means that each drabble can only have three character tags, so I've been creative with those which involve too many characters, listing them by only the three most relavant characters.

Also, just for the sake of interest, I've made a little chart! The chart shows the number of drabbles posted about each character (only including those with a drabble count of 18 or more).

The chart proves that we really do love our Dunedain, with Boromir the most popular drabbling subject and Aragorn and Faramir in hot persuit, followed some distance behind by the Rohirrim and Hobbits, and finally the poor ignored Elves.

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