kelllie (kelllie) wrote in tolkien_weekly,


Title: Mistakes
Author: Kelllie
Character: Frodo
Rating: G
Book: LotR
Disclaimer: Woo Hoo!! My first drabble! Well... not really MY drabble because it all belongs to Master Tolkien.

And now for your nightly moment of zen...

Soft voice humming...
Small form nuzzling...
Strong arms sheltering...
Three beings, now bound as one in family.

He watched from afar. Alone. Childless.
Loved, but not in love.
Bitten by the cruel regret of choices past.
They had been necessary choices, yes.
But choices nonetheless.
And now the cruelest torment of all.
What if...?

No answer would come, save words remembered:
"Never rue the choices you have made, my dear boy,
for there are only two mistakes one can make
on the path of life. Never starting, and never
seeing it to the end. You have done neither, dear Frodo."

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