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My birthday drabble to the birthday boys ;)

Written for the "Birthday" challenge. :)

Title: Beautiful Moment
Author: periantari
Characters/Pairing: Frodo, Primula, Drogo
Rating: G
Warnings: No warning needed for pure fluff, right? =)
Book/Source: (Hobbit, Silm, LotR, HoME, UT, other). LotR
Disclaimer: The hobbits are not mine. They are JRR Tolkien's and i'm just playing with them for a while but promise to place them back in Middle-earth when i'm done writing. ;)

He was the most beautiful baby hobbit that had ever been born in the Shire: bright blue eyes, a fair complexion, an angelic appearance made Primula’s heart sing with joy as the mid-wife handed her first child into her arms.

“He’s beautiful,” Drogo gently kissed Primula’s head while stroking the newborn’s smooth cheek.

The newborn’s eyes closed, his little mouth gave a little yawn, showing his dimple, as he nestled closer to his mother’s warm body.

Soft blankets enclosed protectively over the newborn and the new parents could only beam with happiness with the birth of their first son, Frodo.

Happy Birthday dear Frodo and Bilbo!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
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