Kortirion (kortirion) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Adverb challenge: Awkwardly - "A Lesson for Beginners": Kortirion

Title: A Lesson for Beginners
Character: Estel
Rating: G
Source: pre-LotR/AU
Disclaimer: Tolkien’s world… Kortirion’s fancy

Estel knew he was handling things awkwardly, especially compared to his watching brothers, who sprawled lazily facing their young sibling, barely concealing wry amusement at the lad’s efforts.

“Pull harder Estel, keep the rhythm going.”

Estel reddened; he hoped they’d assume it was exertion rather than the embarrassment he felt at his first-time clumsiness. He’d watched them, and they’d made it look so easy! It must be something to do with flexible wrists...

“That’s right, turn the wrist on the down-stroke...” Elrohir almost read his mind.

Estel gritted his teeth, pulling determinedly - rowing was a lot harder than it looked!
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