SheBit (shebit) wrote in tolkien_weekly,


Title: Confusion - not very original, I grant you
Author: SheBit
Source LotR
Disclaimer: Gondor belongs to the king...I mean Tolkien.
Author's Note: A tricksy metaphor gets the better of our hero. Well, he's my hero, at any rate.

Seek for the sword that was broken.

I have found it, but to what end? It is nothing but a broken heirloom. Shattered steel cannot save Gondor. This is a fool’s errand, and I am no fool. The dream was a folly. What should I do, wield these shards into battle, imagining them a shining blade?

Why does he watch me so? What is his purpose here? He is no elf, this keen-eyed wanderer.

Time is wasted here. For a foolish dream I came to see a broken sword. I have seen it. No mere blade can aid us now.
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