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Geometry challenge: Angle - 'Yule's Eve' : Kortirion

Title: Yule’s Eve
Author: Kortirion
Rating: G
Source: 4th Age
Disclaimer: Tolkien knew them
Notes: No presents from Santa for me... too long ...again!

The angle of the road hid the village ahead. Eyes dark-accustomed, they strode the familiar path over the Downs, their grey cloaks loose in the unseasonably mild night; neither stars nor moon shone, only the shielded gleam of their horn lanterns guided them. Their feet met the paved road to the settlement as they rounded the hill; below, warm lights glowed, a candle in every window for this night, Yule’s Eve.

They paused to watch the tiny winking flames, smiled as a sweet voice rose in song to Elbereth, the accent telling it was a melody more learned by rote than understanding – still, the voice was as pure as the intent...
First one, then another of the travellers took up the hymn, low but clear as crystal their voices reached the inn’s open door; the singer inside stuttered at the unexpected counterpoint then bravely continued. The song ended; the unworldly voices faded from hearing beyond the further hill.

The landlord said, “Well done lad! You drew the Fair Folk; we’ll have a lucky year!”
But try as he might he never sang them back again – for they were on their way home; and now the Straight Road is forever bent.
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