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Incontrovertible (Faramir, G)

Written for the "Proof" challenge. Also, hi, all. I haven't been here in awhile.

Title: Incontrovertible
Author: rubynye
Characters: Faramir, his brother and his king
Rating: G
Warnings/Source: Spoilers for ROTK bookverse.
Disclaimer: The characters, the setting, and the last twelve words all belong to Professor Tolkien's estate, not to me.

When word had come of Isildur's heir, Faramir replied he must bear proof. Proof of lineage, of right to rule; proof sufficient when Boromir, who mayhap had tested the Ranger on their journey together, could not now report good or ill, would return nevermore.

But proof incontrovertible flared bright in trackless darkness; the star which guided Faramir shone on a kingly brow, lighting eyes of adamant and warmth. Faramir opened his eyes to that face, careworn and kind over him, and smiled as he drew breath to say, "My lord, you called me. I come. What does the king command?"
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