Mrs Tufty (fawsley) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
Mrs Tufty

That way madness lies

Title: That way madness lies
Author: Fawsley
Word count: 100
Characters: Aragorn
Rating: PG
Warnings: angsty king
Disclaimer: Not my filthy ranger king. Totally Tolkien's filthy ranger king. I just angst him out a bit...
Source: LoTR sorta post RoTK
Notes: for the plane challenge

That way madness lies

The years weigh heavily upon him, and heavier still those yet to come.

Cold as iron, hard as stone. He must make his heart impenetrable.

Words spoken, touches exchanged, the sweet dance of fingertip and tongue...

All memory must be expunged forever and dark ice replace love and laughter and the sheer joy of living.

Every trace must be erased, planed smooth as seasoned timber under the woodworker’s hand.

Yet each time he looks into his Steward’s face he sees Boromir’s eyes again, sees the dying of the light, the end of his world.

And his heart breaks once more.


follow-up here
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