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Geometry challenge - Plane - 'Under His Hand:I' and 'Under His Hand:II' - Kortirion

Title: Under His Hand: I
Authot: Kortirion
Character: Aragorn, Boromir
Rating: G
Source: FotR – ish!
Disclaimer: Tolkien created the vastness of Middle-earth – Kortirion created this itsy-bitsy drabble(s).

Under his hand the plane felt rough, its bark peeling a little in the warm sun of the hostel’s court. ‘A city tree’ he mused silently ‘but these golden leaves remind me of another city’s trees...’

He started as a heavy hand touched his shoulder.
"Come Boromir" a quiet voice behind him, "I’ll show you the fine, grey boats we’re to leave Lothlorien with. They’ll take you home."
"What of you?" The question came unbidden, but urgent.
Aragorn frowned, "I? I will sail also... "
"Where’s to be your home?"
Aragorn was silent... then, very softly.
"Where the river takes me..."

Title: Under His Hand: II
Author: Kortirion
Character: OMC Elf
Rating: G
Source: FotR – very-ish!
Disclaimer: Tolkien created the vastness of Middle-earth – Kortirion etc…

Under his hand the plane smoothed fine, grey timber; long curls, fragile as waking, spun behind each skilful stroke. Skills passed down from great grand-sire to son, he was one whose fore-fathers had built swan-boats in Avallonë. One day, he himself would travel there... to the home that was not home...

He saw them come together, the two men sojourning here. One he knew of old, on whose forehead a star was sometimes seen. In the past they’d talked of his craft; of boats, sea-journeys and where one might wander.

But the other... on his brow was a longer journey...
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