rubynye (rubynye) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Child of Gondolin (A soldier of Mordor, PG)

Written for the "Surface" challenge.

Title: Child of Gondolin
Fandom: LOTR
Characters: A pensive orc, if orcs can be pensive.
Rating: G
Source: The Silmarillion and ROTK.
Disclaimer: The world of Middle-Earth and all its denizens are Professor Tolkien's, not mine.

I began long ago as an Elf-child, reared within white walls; then the Great Dark Lord razed Gondolin, and on His humble thralls worked changes of wondrous agony, hardening my skin and heart, running fire in my veins.

Now Minas Tirith in the morning stirs the Elf buried in me, sings I can be again that soft-faced creature. But I remain as I was made, from armored hide to bandy legs, my charred blood roused in hate against the lies of the light. White walls shall fall again to our Master's will, toppling and drowned in darkness.
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