undonne (undonne) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Mourning Challenge

Author: undonne
Warning: none
Characters: Merry and Pippin
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: World and characters are Tolkien's domain, in which I wander gratefully and gladly.

For aprilkat

Plop. Another raindrop dripped off the end of Merry’s nose, falling onto the piece of lembas. He sighed.

“Makes it less dry, at least,” said Pippin.

“What do you miss most, Pip? Last night I dreamed about ale. Rosie had just put the mug down on the table when I woke up.”

“Longbottom leaf,” Pippin said sadly. “I miss that. Being warm. Sausages. Hot water. Remember having a bath any time you wanted?”

Merry nodded, then looked across the camp to where Frodo sat by himself, his face pale and his eyes closed against everything around him. “I miss Frodo.”
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