SheBit (shebit) wrote in tolkien_weekly,


Author: SheBit
Title: Bitter
Source: LotR
Disclaimer: It's all Tolkien's.
Author's Note: For the 'bitter' challenge, obviously (I couldn't come up with a more creative title). And yes, I'm there again. I've stayed away from that hill for a while, but it always draws me back.

The blood was bitter upon his tongue, with the tang of charlatan's gold: coppery beneath the gleaming gilt. For a moment he tasted wine, rich and full-bodied, poured from a sun-warmed jug; but there was no wine here, and the sun would never warm this vessel again. The drops upon his cheek were salty and stinging, but these were not a charlatan's tears: these were the tears of a king - copper plate without but precious gold within. He thought of his White City and the throne which he would never see filled, and the grief was bitter upon his heart.
Tags: challenge: taste: bitter
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