Ann (just_ann_now) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Bitter: "For the Dwarves, Gimli"

Title: For the Dwarves, Gimli
Author: just_ann_now
Characters: Gloín, OFC (Mrs. Gloín)
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Not mine, merely borrowed

For the Dwarves, Gimli

When she heard the news, Nandi eagerly hurried to the gate; but of the two she sought, she found only one.

“Gloín, where is Gimli? Where is our son?”

Gloín turned slowly. He has aged,she thought. Why?

“He was charged to go on a quest, representing the children of Mahal. It is a great honor, wife.”

“A great honor…” Nandi breathed, smiling towards the other members of the party, but no one would meet her eyes.

“A great honor.” She turned fiercely to her husband. “Tell me about this great honor, and tell me when my son will return.”
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