SheBit (shebit) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Death By Pudding

Title: Death By Pudding
Author: SheBit
Source: (post)LotR
Disclaimer: It's all Tolkien's.
Author's Note: For the 'Sweet' challenge. I'd tried to write a bitter foodie drabble for these two characters last week, but just wasn't happy with it - it was ment to be amusing but still came out rather dark. This one, in contrast, is pure silliness. Oh, and I must apologise - it came out too long and I hadn't the heart to cut it down, so it's a double - 200 words exactly.

The young horse lord regarded the steaming foodstuff warily, but Merry only grinned as he ruined its perfect roundness with a spoon and dropped a steaming, dark-speckled mound of it into a bowl.

"What is it?"

"A sweet. Or dessert, if you like. Afters. More accurately, a pudding. Don't you have sweets in Rohan?"

"Aye, we have them. Sweetened porridge, baked fruits topped with oats and ground nuts-"

"Crumble? Yum. Crumble's good: this is better. Dried fruits - currants and grapes -mixed into flour and eggs, sweetened with honey and steamed in a cloth." The Hobbit poured an unappealing yellow goop over the strange sweet from an earthen jug and passed the bowl to Eomer.

Bracing himself for the new experience, the Rohir took his first bite. It was like nothing he had ever tasted: sweet raisins exploded on his tongue and the steaming sponge and custard seared his palette, the heat and sweetness making his mouth tingle gloriously..

"What do you call this?"

Merry considered telling him, but it would be a shame for the young king to die so early in his reign, and it was no way for a great warrior to die: choking on spotted dick.
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