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The Library of Minas Tirith

That was a good demonstration of what happens when you aren't paying attention to what you're posting, and when you don't check your post. It was all a bit cocked up, so I thought it best to just delete it and start again.


Ok, one last post and then the archivist will leave you alone to get on with the drabbling.

Last time the archives were up to date I posted a graph to show which characters were the most popular, so I thought I'd do again now, this time also including comparisons between then and now.

As before, it's a three horse race between those beardy Dunedain, Boromir, Aragorn and Faramir. Boromir's still in the lead, but Aragorn's closing the gap, striding up behind him (get it?)

I'll be going away now.


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