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Mrs Tufty

Bonds of friendship

Title: Bonds of friendship
Author: fawsley
Characters/Pairing: Gimli, Legolas with background Raggy/Brom
Rating: G
Warnings: I'm possibly dipping a toe into axe/bow waters! Help!
Book/Source: LoTR/FoTR
Disclaimer: Not my dwarf or elf, all property of JRRT
Note: for the sweet challenge

Bonds of friendship

As the camp settles down for the night, Gimli hisses Legolas to his side.

‘You were bemoaning the lack of something sweet after supper, my friend. No honeyed fruits, but perhaps this sight will satisfy your craving instead!’

He gestures towards the shadows where Boromir kneels beside his king, slow kisses easing a tense neck, fingers gently untangling knotted hair.

Legolas grins at the dwarf, nods his approval.

Gimli looks down and away, shuffles awkwardly.

‘Braiding… Braiding is good…’ he mutters, patting a somewhat dishevelled beard.

‘I can do braiding’ Legolas chuckles, dropping a companionable hand upon his friend’s shoulder.


Follow-up here: Wrong

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