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for the Sight challenge

Title: sight
Author: slashista
Characters/Pairing: Sauron as the all-seeing eye
Rating: G
Warnings: n/a
Book/Source: LotR book
Disclaimer: Tokien made me do it

first time poster. how did i do? i'd love to read constructive comments. thank you :D

His will was aflame with triumph. His men and the scarred black land beneath him burned with his fervor. Reaching into the depths of the souls opened to him, he grasped hearts and moved them. He brought his servants near the fire from whence he forged his need and want. He flung them into his mind where there was only one path, lit with the fire from his vision.

Suddenly, a mighty pain rose in his consciousness - a hoarse cry. His will reverberated with the call. He turned his eye from battle to his stronghold and found his weakness.
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