The Public Display of Affection (slashista) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
The Public Display of Affection

sight ii

Title: sight ii
Author: slashista
Characters/Pairing: Denethor and Faramir
Rating: G
Warnings: n/a character death and AU (thank yous to shirebound + surgicalsteel
Book/Source: LotR book
Disclaimer: Tokien made me do it

"Would you like to see him?"

They told him she heaved, her life pooling about her like the white sheets around her legs. She craned her neck upwards,
her attempt to stop the pain as great as her push. In futility, she tried to dig her heels into the mattress.
She slipped out, her baby dropped in.

He was told the kiss of death was the first, dim ray from heaven. His heart died with her. No love survived. He, therefore, had no love for his new son.


Faramir was alone and clung to that which was there: solitude.
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