Mrs Tufty (fawsley) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
Mrs Tufty


Title: Lure
Author: fawsley
Characters: Boromir/Théodred
Rating: G
Warnings: character death, no miraculously!undead anybody this time.
Source: LoTR
Disclaimer: not my characters, they belong to The Professor.
Notes: for the hearing prompt and for just_ann_now. Théodred died at the First Battle of the Fords of Isen on 25 February 3019 TA, Boromir at Amon Hen the day after...


For weeks the voice in his head had whispered, whispered, until it was all he could hear, all he knew.

Take the ring… It is a gift to the race of men… Make Gondor mighty once more… Take the ring… It is a gift…

But during the past day a different voice had triumphed, one that he adored above all others.

Beloved, I have gone ahead but am waiting for you. Do not be far behind me. Soon we shall be together again.

The lure of Théodred’s promise was stronger than the call of the Ring could ever be.
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