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The Public Display of Affection

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sixth sense challenge

title: Taking
author: slashista
characters: an elf
rating: G
warnings: n/a
book/source: LotR fotr book
DISCLAIMER: Tolkien made me do it - for the sixth sense challenge. hopefully, i got her well. hopefully, this challenge answer counts. i hope for the best. :D

And she saw the ring. Hear heart grew silent and all around her, the life encased in the branches, the last stronghold of the voice of the Earth, shimmered and spoke of beauty and majesty and glory restored, of all confusion being swept up and away by her long understanding of What Must Be Done.

And she felt the power, the relentless drill of temptation curl about her throat so that she spoke and lured him away to the mirror.

And he held out his hand. She did not take it. The taking felt too right, too self-indulgent, too greedy.
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