The Public Display of Affection (slashista) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
The Public Display of Affection

for the Doom challenge

title: For Someone Born
author: slashista
characters: The Witch King
rating: G
book/source: LotR book
DISCLAIMER: Tolkien made me do it

i am doing my best to improve - i would love to receive constructive comments. thank you. :D

"No doom will reach you - no Death, no famine, no illness, no wretchedness."

The Dark Lord promised kindly - all life, all glory.

He was flung hither thither by the will that was outside the body that was a host to its greed.

And he took it and he became a gaping hole full of hunger, living because he could not die, amassing glory because he could not be conquered

He surged on. He was careless and mindless with hunger until death ate him.

He was hungry until he died, until, at last, he did not need to need.
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