Fantasticmuse (fantasticmuse) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Title: For Love
Author: Elly fantasticmuse
Rating: G
Charater: Elrond
Work: LOTR
Notes: Not my characters- they're Tolkien's. Written for the "preparations" challenge. My first entry here. Hullo!
Word Count: 100

The sun rises on Midsummer’s Day.

The scepter will be passed and this day his daughter will wed. He does not deny that he feels more sorrow than joy.

The light of the rising sun touches him. The light and shadows play on his robes as Lord Elrond steels his heart.

She is happy. He reminds himself of her face when she looks at her beloved- more joy there than he had ever seen there before. It soothes his heart if only for a moment.

The light seems too bright for his eyes; they sting and water. He turns west.
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