Avon (avon7) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Tidings of Death

Title: Tidings of Death
Author: Avon
Characters: Denethor and Faramir
Word Count: 100
Book: ROTK
Adult Content: None
Disclaimer: Tolkien owns the universe; I'm just visiting
Author's Note: Slight cheat here - I wrote this a while back for a HASA birthday request, but it occurred to me today that it fitted this challenge quite well.

It was just after the fifth hour that you suddenly stopped and turned pale. The goblet in your hand slithered to the floor in a pool of spilling red.

“Faramir?” I asked

You scarcely breathed but in a thread of voice said, “Boromir… I hear his horn. He is calling, Father.”

I stepped to where you stared unseeingly out a window and watched you anxiously.

Suddenly your head went down.

“It blows no more, Father.” You turned and looked at me, eyes blind. “He is gone.”

Tremors shook you and I reached for you and held you… my only son.
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