Mrs Tufty (fawsley) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
Mrs Tufty


Title: Hope
Author: fawsley
Characters: Faramir
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Book/Source: LoTR
Disclaimer: Not my hot Gondorian, Tolkien's hot Gondorian.
Note: For the North challenge.


The lure of books was almost equal to that of bow and sword. Long hours he devoted both to lore and arms, for without knowing the history of his people how could he defend them?

Tangled webs of genealogy were his constant delight, yet it grieved him that Anárion’s bloodline ceased to flow, his family’s purpose become as meaningless as the empty throne, as dead as the white tree.

But still he strove to perfect the arts of battle should the king return and demand his service. And deep in the night a small voice reassured: “Look to the North.”
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