rubynye (rubynye) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

'Never Lack' and 'Past All Expectation' ('Bounty' challenge)

Title: Never Lack
Author: rubynye
Characters: Unnamed Ruffian Dude
Rating: PG-something?
Warnings: Unpleasant viewpoint character
Book/Source: ROTK, pre-Scouring
Disclaimer: Middle Earth is the Professor's, and the fullness thereof.

Never Lack

Men may die of lack, easily and painfully as by fire or sword. So I learned when the Straw-heads burned my father's farm; haughty Gondorians judged me a thief, bound me chained and ill-fed in darkness. My best choice among evils was thralldom to Isengard, gaining sunlight and shelter for freedom lost.

Now, sent to the North, I've traded handsomely indeed. The air's sweet, the food plentiful, the Shirelings plump and easily chivvied, the fair ones prettier yet in their fear. Gathering goods and hushing backtalk are easy pleasant tasks, and settled here I'll never lack for all I'd ever desire.

Title: Past All Expectation
Author: rubynye
Characters: Merry, Pippin, Sam
Rating: ever so G
Book/Source: ROTK, post-Scouring
Disclaimer: Middle Earth is still the Professor's, and surely not mine.

Past All Expectation

"Have you ever seen such a springtide?" Hefting his shovel, Merry fondly clapped Sam's shoulder.

"No one has! Not even the oldest gammer!" Pippin bounded over with a rattling wheelbarrow, even swifter on lengthened legs. "The apple-trees quite snowed us in with petals, and look, they're already bowed with setting fruit!"

"My Gaffer says, 'tis past all expectation." Sam nodded, cheeks only a little pinkened. "The Lady's to thank; her gift brought this about."

"Not to mention the sure hands of its wielder," Merry answered with a squeeze, and grinning Pippin gently elbowed Sam so that he smiled helplessly even as he blushed.
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