The Public Display of Affection (slashista) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
The Public Display of Affection

for Between challenge

title: truly together
author: slashista
characters: two men
rating: PG 15
warning: not sure about the facts / dates = a character might be older than he really is. all for the sake of fandom :)
book/source: pre FotR
DISCLAIMER: Tolkien made me do it

Between the white walls - where warmth does not come with comfort,

Two men lay together with nothing between them but their expectations for more. Each looked through the holes in the other’s heart from missing mothers and the burden of leadership. Their tongues licked each other’s warrior wounds.

The eyes were between the world and him and he kissed them, thighs squeezing hips closer.

Sadly, he said "Boromir, between us, there is only this life."

The reply was sturdy as the hand that pressed his throat to a chest.

"Thorongil, no Doom of Men will stop me from loving you."
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