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Direction challenge: Behind - 'To Stay, Or Be Left Behind I, II, & III': Kortirion

Title: To Stay, Or Be Left Behind I, II, & III
Author: Kortirion
Character(s): Lord Celeborn, Lady Galadriel, The Marchwarden.
Rating: G
Source: Post Ring War
Disclaimer: Tolkien’s world... Kortirion’s dreamtime.

Lord Celeborn

Did I stay, or was I left behind?

Answers will vary depending where you enquire. Perhaps my Lady’s kin, if any have returned from Mandos’ Halls, will say ‘good riddance’, but I have little place in Valinor. My love is for Arda’s trees, rivers, for skies illuminated by Varda’s stars, not Varda’s light.

She knew I would never leave, even though I dwindle to legend, the subject of the Secondborn’s derision – I know who I am, what I am. Now only Bombadil is my elder – my love for Middle-earth does not diminish, even though I become other than I was.

Lady Galadriel

Did he stay, or was he left behind?

‘My Lord knows his own mind’ is all the answer I can give. He never saw the glorious Light of the Trees, never felt the bliss of the Valar’s passing – his world holds Death in it. Death and decay, and I wearied of it, yearning for that other place that had so long refused me. How did my kin fare? Were they forgiven? Could I plead for their release? I had to know.

He changes, in metamorphosis becomes the Green Man, the Holly King, the Oak King, Jack-in-the-Green... and I... remain Galadriel.

The Marchwarden

Did we stay, or were we left behind?

How can we be ‘left behind’ when we had never departed these shores? They pity us, and shake their heads at out stubbornness, but these forests are our home, these mountains our castles, these hills of dwellings… why should we leave?

He never forbade his kin, Lord Celeborn is not so cruel, but those that love the growing and accept the dying, what use have they for the unchanging? Though we have changed, I do not deny it, but Arda has changed even more.

Now, it’s Arda that has left us behind.
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