Ann (just_ann_now) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Elfwine of Rohan

Title: Elfwine of Rohan
Author: Annmarwalk
Characters: Eomer
Disclaimer: Not mine, merely borrowed for 100 words.
For the "Birth" challenge

Did it happen like this? We haven’t a clue, but I find it very easy to imagine.


“ ‘Tis a son!” our young king bellows, waking the hall with the exuberance of the cry.

He would not be hustled away to drink in solitude during the birth, no, not our king! He stayed through it all, wide-eyed, squeezing our lady’s hand; and caught the gasping, howling boy himself, to our chagrin and secret delight.

“A son, a son, a son!” Riders, farmers, farriers, and scullery maids gather laughing in the stableyard to wet the baby’s head. Our grey-eyed sea-queen dozes, smiling, while the king breaks out the mead; then dispatches our very fastest riders off to Ithilien.
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