SheBit (shebit) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

The Void

Title: The Void
Author: SheBit
Source: Silm, largely.
Disclaimer: Tolkien filled the snadpit, I chuck sand in other kids' faces.
Author's Note: Another for the 'outside' challenge. They've all come out quite dark, but I suppose I consider 'outside' a negative word.

"Papa, what lies outside the world?"

"Outside the world? Beyond the skies and the veil of Arda lies the Void. All is darkness and none can dwell there. The Valar made the world to keep us apart from the Void."

Some years later the boy asked again, and his father knew now that he was old enough to hear the truth.

"Father, what lies outside the world?"

"Outside the world is Void; cold and dark and meaningless. Morgoth abides there, bound by the Valar in chains unbreakable, in the torment of emptiness, awaiting his return and the fall of Men."
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