Kortirion (kortirion) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Direction challenge: Against - 'Inventory': Kortirion

Title: Inventory
Author: Kortirion
Character(s): Aragorn and Faramir
Rating: PG
Source: AU/post Ring War
Disclaimer: Tolkien wove this world... Kortirion embroidered a tiny corner.

The King prowled the more obscure corridors of his new domain, eyeing up the ancient furnishings speculatively, his Steward walking attentively at his side, taking stock.

“How about that corner seat? By the window?

“Yes... Nice view.”

They walked on past wall-hangings discreetly concealing doors that connected this labyrinth of servant’s staircases and passageways with the state rooms.

“That tapestry?”



Faramir shrugged. “It’s warm...”

“Oh... The carved marble table... in the middle of the room... not that?”

Faramir nodded.

Aragorn threw up his hands.

“Surely there’s something in this palace you or your brother haven’t already tupped against?”
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