Emma (glorfindelghost) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

For the 'birth' challenge: (There are two responses because I felt
has done one very similar to my first attempt - and better!)

Title: Tempered
Author: Glorfindel's ghost
Character: Aragorn
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Source: Lotr book verse
Disclaimer: Not mine. merely borrowed

It's a moment of glorious celebration, the first child born after the destruction of the ring, named - as would become the custom - after a
dead man, a father long since burnt on a pyre, tempers the joy, this sombre reminder, the way talking about how you received a wound will make it
ache anew.

Aragorn goes to meet the mother, him uneasily resplendent, her wide-eyed and drab, heavy and leadeen on her feet, cradling an infant that screams until it turns puce.

In the great hall the bodies of Denethor and theoden still lie, but here, there is life.

Title: Transient
Author: Glorfindel's ghost
Rating: G
Character: Frodo
Warnings: None
Source: Lotr book -verse
Disclaimer: Not mine, borrowed

'The lord of the rings, by Frodo Baggins'.It seems inadequate, all written down, a fantastical tale, drawn from all who would tell their side.

The Shire's healed whgilst he's been in here writing - the growth of new hedges along the road leaves this room in a constant shadow - something which started as a scrabble
of worry, but is a comfort to him now.

He hides here, closeted in the half light and sits, marvels at the quiet. Then Sam arrives, all warmth and bustle, coaxes him out - for a short while he basks in the illusion of life.

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