SheBit (shebit) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

The Envoy's Answer

Title: The Envoy's Answer
Source: Post-LotR
Disclaimer: Everything is Tolkien's
Author's Note: A slightly late one for the 'against' challenge, a sequel to 'Envoy from the Golden Lands'.

The Steward sloughed off his heavy travelling cloak and spoke before his king could beg report.

"Minas Morgul is well held, sire - a siege will be long and hard, and if they should receive reinforcements... How went your talks with the envoy from Harad?"

"His lord sends an army north even as we speak. Many soldiers and a dozen oliphaunts of war, he tells me."

"Then it is as I feared: the Haradrim will stand against us."

"Against? You think I possess no skill in politic, Faramir? The forces shall be at the command of the prince of Ithilien."
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