Ann (just_ann_now) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Modly Post - MEFA Nomination Season Closing Soon

This is a friendly reminder: the last day to nominate a story for the
2007 Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards is next Sunday, July 15. You will
not be able to nominate a story after this.

The MEFAs accept nominations of all types of stories, including true
drabbles (exactly one hundred words) and other fixed-length ficlets like
double and triple drabbles. Pieces that meet some exact target like that
even get to compete in their own sub-categories, so if one of your
drabbles is nominated it will only be judged against other similar
pieces. If you would like to nominate some of your favorite drabbles
posted at this community, they would be more than welcome at the MEFAs.

If you are reading this and would like to nominate a story, you need to
join the MEFAwards Yahoo group. Do this at or by emailing Please don't wait until the last
minute; you will be sent log-in information to our voting and nominating
website within a day or two of joining this Yahoo group.

The last day for authors to approve their nomination is JULY 22. If you
have had a story nominated you will need to finish the form and email
your liaison saying that you're okay with the nomination by July 22. If
you aren't sure who your liaison is, you may email

Just so everyone is clear, the MEFA day is based on Greenwich Mean Time.
For the current "official" time go to
and look at the "Page Served at: " line in the bottom-left corner. As
I'm writing this, it is currently 6:42 in my time zone (U.S. eastern) on
July 9, and the MEFA's official time is 2007-07-09 10:42:51 GMT.
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