SheBit (shebit) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Taken Ill

Title Taken Ill
Author: SheBit
Disclaimer: It's all the Professor's
Author's Note: For the 'within' challenge - written last week but I just realised that I'd forgotten to post it.

"Where is she? They told me she was taken ill!"

"She is within, my lord Steward. She needs rest and should not be-"

He was already past the healer and stooping at the bedside. The sleeper's cheek was pale and cool, but at his touch her eyes opened, shining.

"My little bird, you look so worried. Whatever is wrong?"

"They said you were taken ill. Is it... are you very unwell?"

"I was sick to my stomach, but others have survived this well enough."

"Then it is not serious?"

"Oh, I think it quite serious."

"Then you are-"

"With child."
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