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Go Ask (Sam, Rosie, rated G)

I apologize for this being late; it only came to me today.

Title: Go Ask
Author: rubynye
Characters: Sam, Rosie, and someone as yet unnamed
Rating: G
Disclaimer: this is a brief benign avocational fiction.

"I said as much, Sam," Rosie laughed; Sam shook his head, admiring the golden-haired babe. "It ain't, I mean, I'm glad for a lass..." He paused, and Rosie laid her damp brow on his shoulder. "There's no name fair enough," he concluded softly.

"As we can't name a lass 'Frodo', Sam, go ask him. If there's a name as pretty as this little lass, he'll surely know it." Before he could say anything, she added, "I'm closing my eyes while she does; when she wakes she'll be wanting a name."

Obediently, Sam kissed his wife's smiling mouth and went to ask.
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