Mrs Tufty (fawsley) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
Mrs Tufty


Title: Shortcut
Author: fawsley
Characters: Gimli, Aragorn, Arwen
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Book/Source: LoTR post RoTK AU thingy with slighty moviverse dwarf
Disclaimer: not my characters, JRRT's characters
Note: for the scissors challenge, and yes I did see that coming so wrote this last week. Obviously I've not been enjoying my hols enough...


‘Oh no, Gimli! You didn’t! Did you….?’

‘It was your own suggestion, laddie, and I always do as the king commands!’

But shrugging his shoulders and shuffling uncomfortably where he stood, the dwarf knew he was guilty. Guilty and also decidedly neater - his hair was somewhat shorter, his beard certainly tidier, his eyebrows marginally less tangled.

‘You said I should give it a go, instead of using my knife’ he mumbled.

The queen glowered at the dwarf, glared at her husband, tapped her foot impatiently.

Aragorn groaned.

Yes, Gimli. But I didn’t mean you to use Arwen’s best embroidery scissors!’
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