Mrs Tufty (fawsley) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
Mrs Tufty

Winner takes all

Title: Winner takes all
Author: fawsley
Characters/Pairing: Aragorn, Boromir
Rating: G
Source: LoTR post RoTK AU
Warnings: none
Note: for the hearts prompt. don't like the title but can't think of anything else right now and I should have left for work 10 minutes ago....

Winner takes all

By now the small crowd of watchers had faded away, sleep calling as the night wore on. Only the two men remained, compelled to stay as the stakes grew ever higher. There was more at risk here than coins or pride, and both knew it.

Aragorn drew his small heap of winnings into a tidy pile then refreshed their goblets, hand shaking as he poured. He cleared his throat nervously.

‘So, then… For what do we play this time?’

Boromir’s shuffle was impressive, born of too many long nights in smoky gambling dens. He cut the pack and grinned.



Next deal here! Trumped
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