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Modly Post - 2007 Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards

Let the reviewing begin!

The 2007 Middle-earth Fanfiction Awards is moving along. The category and subcategory assignments for this year's awards are now visible at our website, Middle Earth Fanfiction Awards 2007. Between now and December 30, the primary focus of the awards will be reviewing.

Any nominated author or member of the MEFAwards Yahoo group can vote for any of the stories nominated for this year's awards. You still have several months to review stories, so if you'd like to get involved please join the Yahoo group so you can vote for your favorite stories. To vote for a story you will need to write a review of it that will be displayed at our website; the longer review the more points you earn your story, up to a maximum of ten points for 1,000 characters.

If you're interested in participating in these awards, please visit us at our community site,mefas.
Here you'll find important deadlines as well as links to some FAQs useful to voters. Happy reviewing!

(MEFA Admin)
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