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Mrs Tufty

Dealer's choice

Title: Dealer's choice
Author: fawsley
Characters: Aragorn and yet another wicked opponent
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: smut
Source: LoTR post RoTK AU
Note: For the clubs prompt.
Oh Aragorn! When are you ever going to learn?!
Follows on from Winner takes all and Trumped.
And for enkemeniel because she asked for it!

Dealer's choice

Aragorn flings down his cards, defeated.

‘How did you do that? Where did you learn?’

‘There’re secret societies, teachers...’

‘Who? Where? I must know!’

Faramir draws breath sharply, shakes his head.

‘I shouldn’t tell... Though there’s one, the greatest… He might, but…’

‘Who is he? Where can I seek him? Tell me!’

‘Such training carries a high price.…’

‘I’ll do anything! Find him! Take me to him!’

‘A lesson with The Knave of Clubs is intimate… personal… demanding…’

‘I said anything! Who is he?’

Faramir’s satisfied smirk is totally filthy, and Aragorn groans at the devious hand he’s been dealt.


Final bit here - Royal Flush

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