Mrs Tufty (fawsley) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
Mrs Tufty

Royal Flush

Title: Royal Flush
Author: fawsley
Characters: Aragorn, Gandalf
Rating: G
Warnings: grumpy king
Disclaimer: not my characters, JRRT's characters.
Source: LoTR post RoTK AU
Note: Arrives back from Orkney, drumps bags, grinds life into the puter and gets priorities straight - ie posts here before even a cuppa!
For the spades prompt.
At last, Aragorn sees sense and goes back to what he's good at.
Follows on from Winner takes all, Trumped and Dealer's Choice.

Royal Flush

Gandalf finds Aragorn filthy and sweaty at the far end of a new herbaceous border.

‘Back to gardening are we? Cards too much for you?’

The king harrumphs and thwacks a defenceless clod for no obvious reason.

‘Even Eldarion,’ he mutters. ‘Even Eldarion slaughtered me at Snap. Best of eleven and he still beat me!’

Snap? Best of eleven?!’ Gandalf does his best to stifle a snort. ‘So what’s happened to the pack that was forever in your pocket?’

‘That?’ Aragorn whacks the clod again. ‘Buried it.’

He stomps off towards the greenhouse.

‘Aha…’ chuckles the wizard. ‘King of Spades.’
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