edrys (edrys) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

for the Solitude challenge

Title: Night Watch
Author: edrys
Characters/Pairing: ?
Rating: G
Warnings: N/A
Book/Source: LotR and UT
Disclaimer: the characters and world belong to the dear Professor. I'm just a visitor passing through.


They have gone from me; the smoke and ash of their great fire are all that remain here under the encroaching darkness.

The forest at my feet echoes with the rumour of war; the iron-shod horses thunder eastward on the Great Road – tho’ whether to a dawn of hope or the world’s ending none can tell.

Northward I hear the grasses groan ‘neath iron-shod man-beasts, bent on wrack and ruin.

To the south an Eagle spreads his wings, bound for the aerie of his ancestors.

The West Wind bears consolation: The Faithful ones shall return, the voices whisper.

I await.


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