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Coins challenge - Coins for the Ferryman: a drabble set - Kortirion

Title: Three Coins for the Ferryman, a drabble set
Author: Kortirion
Character: Boromir, Maglor
Rating: G
Source: Middle-earth
Disclaimer: Tolkien’s legendarium... Kortirion’s wee, small addition.

Coins for the Ferryman, One

The Singer walked Dol Amroth’s strand, his song a melancholy counterpoint to the waves, a voice beautiful beyond bearing, yet so hopeless, so lost...

“Will I give the song a coin ‘Da?” asked the child, “Like you give the other beggar-men?”

“Hush child, come away, there’s not a man there. Save your bounty for those that have need of it...”

Lord Denethor turned from inspecting the fortifications, leaving young Boromir watching the figure hold out his arms to the sunset... but no answer came.

Boromir ran down, tried to offer his alms; before nothing remained... save sea-washed footprints, fast disappearing.

Coins for the Ferryman, Two

Imladris housed many tall, dark-haired elves, and in the Hall of Fire songs were raised that reminded Boromir of something... he couldn’t quite place. But there was much to do and he let this sense of almost familiarity pass.

It was when they stumbled into Lorien, hungry, frightened, bereft; when he himself was close to despairing of their task... then he remembered. The voices raised in lament were not so sweet, but the melody... he’d heard before.

And when Lady Galadriel looked into him, all else besides... she saw a tiny boy try to give a coin to a myth.

Coins for the Ferryman, Three

On stormy days the Dol Amroth fishermen often heard the Singer’s voice, but they stayed huddled inside and didn’t go looking for the tall, ragged figure who walking endlessly between sea and shore – some said ‘twas bad luck to see his piteous face...’ but others disagreed. ‘He’s lost,’ they said, ‘leave out bread for alms and a coin for him to sing you up your Ferryman, should the waters take you’.

Spring storms blew when they next heard the Singer chant to calm the waters, making safe passage for an elven-grey craft – a passage paid for so many years before.
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