SheBit (shebit) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Coins in the Fountain (II)

Title: Coins in the Fountain (II)
Author: SheBit
Source: Pre-RotK
Disclaimer: It's all Tolkien's.
Author's Note: For the 'coins' challenge. A prequel to my last one, which came to me while I wrote it.

"Wait, brother!"

The Steward's heir swiftly dismounted and gazed into the rippling water, reaching at his belt but finding nothing there.

"Faramir, give me your purse."

With a sigh the younger man tossed the small pouch to his brother and watched as three coins dropped from a gloved hand into the fountain's pool.

"That's one for the city, one for our men and one for you, Faramir, to see you all safe."

"No coin for you?"

"I need no luck or wishes to guard me, little brother - I have my sword; if it cannot protect me, no fountain can."
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