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Swords Challenge: What It Defends (a series of three linked drabbles)

Title: What It Defends
Author: Alexa
Characters: Éowyn, Faramir, Éomer
Word Count: 300
Rating: G
Warnings: None!
Book/Source: LoTR
Disclaimer: Not mine! I am only playing in JRR Tolkien's fabulous sandbox.
Summary: Éomer tries to come to terms with Éowyn's choice. For the Swords challenge. I've included the first (which turned out to be the last in this series) for the sake of continuity! I hope you all enjoy these!

What It Defends


Éowyn knows what the sword has done to Faramir, and she wonders how he has managed to preserve the essence of his being.

He tells her he would have lost himself had it not been for Gondor, and she is struck with sudden guilt, for she had gone to war only for herself.

“People do strange things in war, so I cannot fault or judge your actions.”

She does not deserve him: he has given her so much and she feels as though she has given him nothing in return, but he tells her differently.

“You gave me love, Éowyn.”


Éomer does not understand why she has chosen him.

“What can you possibly see in him? He looks as though he has as much personality as a cadaver!”

She smiles, and though there is a touch of sadness in it, he has enough sense to realize it is not for her. “He may have different views about the sword than you, brother, but he is more than worthy of your respect.”

Éomer knows this, yet doubt still lingers.

But if this man makes his sister happy in ways he cannot, he will try to comprehend, if only for her.


“I do not love the sword for what it kills, but what it defends.”

Faramir does not know how he had managed to entangle himself in this particular conversation with Éomer, but he suspects the man does not share this view, and Faramir is so tired of being judged for what he is not.

“So being in the midst of battle gives you no thrill?” Éomer’s incredulity is clearly evident.

“I will be quite happy if I never have to touch a sword again.”

Expecting a scornful rebuke, he is surprised to see something bordering respect lurking in Éomer’s eyes.

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