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Mistakes challenge

Title: Pale Thoughts in Ithilien.
Author: Kortirion
Word count: 100
Characters: Sam, Gollum
Adult: No
Disclaimer: Not mine, just playing; this one you can divide between The Professor and the Kiwi Hobbit
Notes: Pure Movieverse-ish

[Sorry! Re-cycled old material, because I'm fidgetting about starting writing]

"Frodo’s so pale now, like them Elves, he all but glows, like moonlight. He’s fading; I must do something for him! Some nice broth, that’s what ‘e needs. Hot food, nothin’ like hot food to pick you up. If only I had... "

"Master’s a nice colour now, pale, like cave fungus, white like dead fish. Nasty, fat Hobbit’s brown, like trees, like sun-dried mud. He roots in the ground for white things. So we helped we did, we brought him nice, fresh, wriggly white things. He screwed his nose at us! We said, ‘what then...? What’s taters, precious?’"
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