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Signs and Portents

I'm a little busy writing a script to write any drabbles this week, so here's a recycled two part drabble from a while back which fits the challenge quite well.

Title: Signs and Portents
Author: SheBit
Source: LotR
Disclaimer: It's all Tolkien's, but I thank him muchly for the toys.
AN: Recycled for the Mistakes challenge.


Dark hair and grey eyes; the strength and pride of Men; the wisdom and grace of the Eldar; Numenor in flesh, sword singing.

The stricken man lay still upon the blood-soaked earth and watched him, finally understanding.

Later, when the other man held him, he found words, faltering and broken.

"Forgive me, Aragorn - I was mistaken..."

"Shh, lie still, my friend. Rest."

"No!" The shout wracked his ruined body. "I had thought you nothing but a usurper, seeking power. I did not see, did not understand. I mistook you for a ranger - now I see that you are a king."


He waded out into the river, watching the small boat drift on the current. As it came closer he could see the figure upon the wooden boards.

His broad shoulders; his strong features; the garb of a man of Gondor. His breath caught as he watched his own form upon the water: a portent of his doom.

Closer still. His flaxen hair; his pale eyes. Staring at his own lifeless face.

How would his end come? Steel or shaft? What enemy would take his life?

As the boat came within reach, he realised that his time was not yet come.
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