Kortirion (kortirion) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Mistakes challenge - there, - you wait and wait then two come at once!

Title: Stripping the Bird – ‘mistakes’ challenge
Author: Kortirion
Word Count: 100
Character: Legolas
Source: LotR!verse
Rating: humour, perhaps slightly dubious… how to ‘undignify’ an Elf.
Notes: JRR would throw a fit – but then… maybe not!

He’d only enquired about the Halfling's chant as they prepared the plump birds Aragorn had shot. He should have recognised the look they exchanged before they insisted he join them; even the dour Gondorian paused to grin broadly. Gimli had a coughing fit when Pippin urged him to chant faster. He noticed Gandalf’s teeth clamp fiercely onto his pipe; surely it would break? Faster still they chanted – until he made that mistake…

The Halflings were incoherent, rolling on their backs in the feathers; Gimli roared his approval. Even Aragorn laughed aloud…

“…I’m only plucking pheasants,
‘Cause the pleasant…

- What?”
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