Nic (paranoidangel42) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

22nd September

Title: 22nd September
Author: paranoidangel
Characters: Frodo, Sam
Rating: G
Work: FOTR
Disclaimer: not mine, unfortunately

"That's a good pot of flowers you have there, Mister Frodo. Where did you get them from?"

"I'd rather not say, Sam. They're a gift, you see."

"I do, Mister Frodo. I do."

But the flowers in his hands were the most healthy looking, prettiest ones Sam had seen in a long while and he could not help but be jealous.

"Whoever it is, they're lucky to get a present like that," he said, turning sadly away.

Frodo stopped him. "Yes Sam, they're for you," he said with a smile Sam could not help but return.

"Happy Birthday, Mister Frodo."
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