Kortirion (kortirion) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Season - Midwinter challenge: 'Midwinter:South I & II'

Title: Midwinter: South, a drabble pair - I & II
Author: Kortirion
Character: Young Aragorn
Rating: G
Source: 50+ years prior to the Ring War
Disclaimer: Tolkien wrote all the books of Middle-earth... Kortirion drabbled in the margin.

Midwinter: South I
Hope went by a different name here, and though midwinter stars were clear in the cold nights... the days still seemed uncomfortably hot in sun-baked Far Harad. Solstice Night approached, his thoughts turned northwards... but it did no good to dwell on partings.

The inn-keeper eyed him and his companion suspiciously before making up his mind and retreating hastily into the back rooms. The Dúnadan nudged his guide – they should leave, but too late... The inn-keeper returned with his sons.

“Come” he beckoned, brooking no denial.

They stood warily, looked at each other – fight or flee? But they were outnumbered.

Midwinter: South II
Escorted to the inner door, a light was thrust at each to carry over the threshold. Inside, among the bright embroidered silks of their host’s best attire, the disguised Northerners felt dull as moths, but, like those night-fliers, were drawn to the bright warmth.

“We hold it good fortune to share the light with strangers this night,” the haradrim explained gently... and led Hope to the family’s feast.

“Sit with us,” the veiled inn-wife welcomed them, showing where to set their lights on the table, one candle for each present... a ring of light and fellowship on this longest night.
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